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Are you are Lawyer, Insurance Company or a private individual seeking an Expert Witness services with regard to hair & scalp damage sustained through negligent act, injury, criminal assault, reaction to products etc. Do you require the services of a hair-scientist in an Appeal

Expert Witness Dr Barry Stevens

 Practical advice In cases of recent hair/scalp damage Do not attempt to treat hair/scalp damage yourself without proper advice as interference could exacerbate the condition or introduce confusion. Register your complaint with your GP – without delay.
If this case concerns a hairdresser, please do not attend the salon again and allow them to attempt to rectify the issue. We have seen on many occasions this has ended in tears. Remember, a hairdresser is a specialist in styling hair. They are not Trichologists. If in the unlikely event of them being qualified, they would know not to attempt to treat the issue.

Telephone 01708 728980 a.s.a.p. to arrange consultation with an expert witness for assessment  and photographs (where necessary) with regard to the future provision of a report. We can provide such a detailed report. If you do not have a Solicitor we will recommend one who specialise in hair/scalp damage cases.

Cutting the hair – An expert witness would prefer to see the condition in its worst state to be able to se the full extent of the damage. It would be an advantage not to cut the hair prior to seeing an expert witness.

Home Treatment – There are some occasions where we have seen patients that have attempted to self treat. These treatments have included the use of scalp creams and oils along with other suggested provisions often supplied by the hairdresser. The best advice is to leave it alone and get to a specialist ASAP.

I hope this has assisted you.