Women’s Hair Loss

Why do women suffer hair loss? – Women’s hair loss may affect any age. There are many reasons why women suffer hair loss. These can be categorised as hereditary, hormonal, diseased, effluvium’s and self induced. Some of these conditions present with symptoms similar to others making self diagnoses unreliable and in some cases unwise. Some hair loss will re grow without the need of treatment. Some may require treatment to encourage growth.

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Women's Hair LossYou may have visited your GP, or been told by your hairdresser that you are suffering hair thinning. You may have been advised to use a particular product or have purchased one of the many ‘hair loss shampoos’ or treatments through the internet which promise results – most are a waste of money. Ask yourself Is a shampoo really going to treat a hormonal condition? Is a cream going to reverse an hereditary hair loss disease? A seemingly endless number of wonder cures emerge annually – most are expensive and useless.

So how do you establish what condition you are suffering? Many people (even some hairdressers) either do not know what a trichologist is or do not know of a reliable one to refer you to. A trichologist should be qualified and registered with a reputable academic body (e.g. The Trichological Society). Their role is to diagnose, advise and offer treatment for women’s hair loss (where appropriate) or refer to others for further opinion.

Our trichologists are qualified and registered. They will ask many questions and examine your scalp. They may request blood tests (via your GP). It may be that the hair loss does not require treatment and that regrowth will be spontaneous. They may however suggest some form of treatment to encourage hair growth. Diagnosing a hormonal hair loss condition in a female would be dealt with by referring to your GP. Unfortunately there are some women’s hair loss conditions that are beyond any form of treatment.

Be suspicious of those offering wonder cures (lotions etc), and of those offering ‘free’ consultations.