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scalp diseaseOur Team – We are a team of qualified trichologists (registered with the Trichological Society). We have help thousands of patients with all types of hair and skin over the years (since 1964). We specialise in all types of hair and skin (afroid, caucasoid and mongaloid). We are considered leading experts in this field worldwide. Our trichologists all lecture and teach the science of hair (trichology). If you would like to view our credentials please contact the Trichological Society (TTS).

Consultation – At consultation we will conduct a full examination and discuss your medical history. Once we have diagnosed the condition we will discuss the various options open to you. Scalp disease may be dealt by a variety of methods. Removing the cause, home care products and of course treatment.

Treatment – We have a variety of methods that allow us to treat most scalp conditions. This using simple techniques that allow us to remove the crusting that will be apparent in most cases and remove that annoying irritation. Scalp disease doesn’t always require treatment from us. Many can be dealt with at home. However, the key to establishing the correct course of action is to confirm a diagnosis.

You may of course would like to read some information on the various scalp diseases which are known. More information can be found on the page list below (mobile view) or the right (computer view). Just click on the page required and happy reading. Of course if you have a specific question please drop us an email.