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Afro Scalp Cleansing

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What is Afro Scalp Cleansing?

Afro scalp cleansing is a process conducted at the Holborn Hair & Scalp Clinic. We have had years of experience in dealing with Afro Scalp conditions and can help you manage yours. The key is to remove the unwanted crusting and sooth the underlying skin and slowing down the rate of cell growth which causes the flakes. 

The process takes around an hour – hour and half and we charge £55.00 for first treatment and follow ups we charge £45.00. So why don’t you come in and try us out? 

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Afro Scalp Cleansing

Afro Scalp Cleansing – So many Black women suffer from a dry flaky and often itchy scalp. This is because of a number of reasons which include chemical damage to the skin, Heat damage from straighteners, the use of oils and other such products that are apparently used to moisten the scalp. Did you know that leaving oil on the skin will in many cases cause scalp issues?

How do you look after your scalp?

So I would ask the question what do you do to look after your scalp and is it working? As you are seeking advice I would suggest this is still an issue for you. So here are a few ideas that may help. Please understand that when a scalp whether an Afroid, Caucasoid or Mongaloid becomes irritated, inflamed and dry the chances are that the the cell process has sped up rapidly and the likely hood of a shampoo or “treatment” from you hairdresser actually solving the problem is low. 

I don’t have any Crusting or Dandruff

So you don’t have any flaking skin? Do you use Oil? Most Afro women use oils to moisten the skin. Do you know what your skin would be like without oil? Perhaps you should try and see?. The oil will mask the dryness and it will probably dry out the skin further in the long term contrary to belief. Yes I’ve heard it a 1000 times that its what Black people do to moisten their hair. Yes you can use certain oils on the hair which will offer some added stability and temporary strength and moisture to the hair shaft. But don’t use it not the skin.

afro scalp cleansing

Book a Afro Scalp Cleansing Procedure

You can come along at an allotted time and we can have a quick look to confirm you are suitable (that there is no underlying disease that needs other forms of help) and we can give you what we would class as a Afro Scalp Treatment. It takes about an hour depending on the length of the hair and will leave you feeling like a different person when you leave. You will want to come back as it will leave your skin feeling light and relaxed and fresh.

Book a Consultation

Alternatively, you can arrange a full consultation. Here we will examine the scalp under microscope if necessary and offer a diagnosis and if appropriate a home care or treatment plan to deal with your scalp

Skin Disease – there may well be an underlying condition that is affecting you causing the dryness. Why not give us a call and you can speak with a trichologist in person right now. Or arrange a free consultation. We can advise you on the situation and how best to deal with the scalp. Afro scalp cleansing is often the most appropriate method of dealing with an itchy scalp.

Home care products – we have a range of scalp care products that are available to purchase from the clinic. We would need to see you first in order to assess the scalp and make sure we are giving the correct product for you. 
The products are specially designed for the Afro Scalp Cleansing procedure and can be used at home. However, the physical treatment can only be conducted at the clinic.

Oils – The use of oils and other such products are common amongst Afroid types. This will in effect make the condition worse in many cases drying out the scalp contrary to belief. Our method of afro scalp cleansing the scalp adds moisture and cleans the scalp. In fact it probably would never have been so clean. In addition the hair should feel softer.

What do I Next?

In order for us to offer this service we would firstly need to see you in person. This is to confirm that there is not a more sinister ailment affecting you. Once this has been established we would invite you to sit back and relax. Allow us to cleanse your scalp. Making your scalp cleaner than it has ever been before.

Free Advice Line

Don’t forget, you can call us now and speak with a trichologist who may well be able to assist you over the phone. We have helped many people on the phone over the years and we will continue to do so. You may be advised that a consultation is advisable or to have the Afro Scalp Cleansing procedure. However, without speaking to you I don’t know whether you have a minor issue what can be self addressed, or a more sinister ailment that requires professional help.

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Call us on

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