Asian Eyebrow Transplant

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Asian Eyebrow Transplant

Asian Eyebrows being one of the most important facial features of a woman’s face. Women spend lots of money on eyebrows. The results of over epilation resulting in permanent hair loss.  So to create the look of having full eyebrows there is a need to drawer and tattoo them in. Asian Eyebrow Transplants are becoming very popular amongst both men and women alike.  Its a simple process taking around 4 hours under locate anaesthetic. We are an established clinic who specialises in Eyebrow Transplants. Book a Free Consultation. This will change your life for the better

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Free Consultation

Marie, our Eyebrow Design Consultant will go through the procedure discuss your needs. Marie will be able to offer professional design advice promoting the perfect look for you. Have you have a picture when you were younger?  Eyebrows are designed specifically for you. A natural look with an elegant and full eyebrow is paramount. Give us a call or Email us. The Consultation is free. It lasts about 30 minutes.

The price will vary from patient to patient depending of the requirements. However, the Cost range is £2500-4000

asian eyebrow transplant
asian eyebrow transplant


There are two possible extraction techniques used in Asian Eyebrow Transplants. FUE (follicular unit extraction)  which takes individual hairs from the donor area. FUT (follicular unit transplantation) which is know as the strip graft technique. Both techniques offer the same result but have varying recovery times. However, in most cases of Asian Eyebrow Transplants we will suggest the FUE method. This is very much dependant on the hair type. We are happy to explain this in greater detail at consultation.

An Asian Eyebrow Transplant will change your life and take years of your appearance in many cases. But only if you are a suitable candidate. There are many reasons why a patient may not be suitable. We would hope that you will choose us when choosing. Always make sure you have the chance to speak with a qualified practitioner when attending a consultation and not a salesman. You should always speak with the surgeon as well before making any sort of payment. In addition once you have attended a consultation you should always go away and have a good think about it. 2 weeks is a good time period. Make sure you are 100% happy with the clinic and the surgeon.

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