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Women's Hair Transplant

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Women’s Hair Transplant

First of all if you know which method you are seeking then please go to the relevant page. Womens hair transplant FUE or Women Hair Transplant FUT.

Women’s hair transplants is fast becoming the trend in todays society and a common method to combat women’s hair loss. Whether you are suffering from Traction Hair Loss or Female Pattern Baldness we can help. So, if you want your hair line back or want to fill in those areas that have shed then give us a call and find out how we can help you. Most noteworthy all types of hair can be transplanted including Caucasoid, Afro Hair and Asian hair.

Most noteworthy, before considering any form of hair transplant you should understand why you are experiencing hair loss. Also it is easy to assume that you have perhaps Female Pattern Baldness or Traction loss. Did you know that there are many forms of hair loss that can grow back with help such as Telogen Effluvium, Alopecia Areata, , Hair loss Associated with B12, Chronic hair loss due to Iron Deficiency along with many others. Maybe you have a scarring alopecia? So make sure you know why you are loosing or have lost hair and see if it can be grown back first.

Scalp Conditions

There are many scalp conditions that may contribute to hair loss including Psoriasis (depending on type) Pityriasis, Scalp Eczema, Allergic Contact Reaction along with others. Hair and  Scalp Treatment can be offered in cases such as these. The Holborn Clinic CQC (care quality Commission) registered.

First of all we have two types of surgery available. FUE (follicular unit extraction) and FUT (follicular unit transplantation). Therefore have a read of the information below and if you have any questions please let us know.


Booking a consultation couldn’t be easier. Just pick up the phone and give us a call or complete the contact form and let us know what you would like to come in. Also if you can let us know how we can help you.
The consultation is free for women’s Hair Transplant cases.

First of all we have two types of surgery available. FUE (follicular unit extraction) and FUT (follicular unit transplantation). Therefore have a read of the information below and if you have any questions please let us know.

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FUE (follicular unit extraction)

Firstly, this is the single follicular unit extraction method and is used on patients with straight or wavy hair. The individual units are removed from the donor site with specialist instruments (less that 1mm) and thereafter the hair is placed in the recipient area. So once this is complete the hairs grow like it would from where it was taken. Follicular units are implanted in groups of 1-4 hairs depending on the thickness required and donor site amount.

You will recover faster using this method. There is no need for an overnight stay in the clinic. Patients are given a local anesthetic and will be fully awake throughout the procedure. The results will be the same as that of the FUT procedure.

FUT (follicular unit transplantation)

The FUT method is very simple. We take a strip of skin from the back of the head. The size of the donor strip will be dependent on how many hairs are needed. The strip is where the grafts are taken from. This is where the technicians dissect and cut out the hair grafts ready for the surgeon to implant in the area required. We sow the wound using an internal and external stitch which leaves a linear scar. It is fair to say this would not be visible as the gap would be closed and surrounding hair would offer amply coverage.

Common Method

This is the most common method for women. We don’t need to shave the head and the results are the same. The recovery time for the scar to heal is about 5 weeks. However, you can go back to work within a few days. I would suggest taking a week off work.

The short video to the left shows the FUT procedure where Dr Sciacca is taken the strip. Grafts are extracted from this strip under a microscope by the technical team. This is the most common method for women’s hair transplants as there is no need to shave the head.

The video to the right is the actual implanting. This takes skill and precision and years of experience to get it right. Correct placement is the key to ensuring a great result. Each hair or follicular unit is place carefully and securely. Please go to the FUE hair transplant or FUT hair transplant pages for more videos and information on each type of procedure.

Main Causes of Hair Loss – Women’s Hair Transplants

Traction loss

Maybe you are suffering from traction loss. Possibly a result of hairdressing procedures or incorrect hair styling. What ever the cause, the hair loss will be permanent. So you may be suitable for a hair transplant. Remember, there must be sufficient unaffected hair to transfer to the affected site. Traction hair loss is solely down to epilating the hair and nothing to do with nutrition or hormonal imbalances.

Traction Loss is very common amongst black women. You will know as an Afro Caribbean Women that hair styles are tight and unforgiving. Afro Hair Surgery is a real option for you and you can get that hair back that you have lost. Afro hair Loss in some cases can be grown back. But if its Traction then the answer is it can’t!

I am a very straight talking professional and believe that the patient should be give all the options and the correct advice. Therefore, please don’t bother with the wonder potions and cures that you. can see on the internet. In addition there are far too many untrained people including hairdresser who offer advice when they shouldn’t. Hairdressers are fantastic hair stylists in most cases. But they are not trained properly in diagnosing hair and skin disease. Furthermore most of the time its the hairdresser that has caused the traction loss in the first place. Please bare that in mind.

Female Pattern Baldness (FPB) (androgenetic)

Female Pattern Baldness is a condition that causes permanent hair loss. The two different types (acquired and predisposition) both leave similar devastating results. However, there is a solution and answer to the problem.

So, a hair transplant may be an option. How badly you are affected is of course a major concern. We also need to know you have enough donor hair to do the job well. Furthermore, it is of the upmost importance to have this condition correctly diagnosed.

Hair Loss Training?

You would be amazed to know that many doctors in the hair industry have had little or no training on hair loss? I have spent a lifetime training and learning about hair loss. So you will get the right advice on whether you are suitable.

I have seen hundreds of female patients who are apparently suffering from FPB when in fact they have chronic hair loss condition that is nothing to do with androgens. So, the first step is to make sure you know what you are suffering from. Thereafter you are best placed to make an informed decision.

Plastic surgery patients

Scars can be so difficult to cover. Maybe you are looking for help? Hair may be transferred to hide scar tissue. Women’s hair transplants is an option because hair can be placed in order to cover the scar tissue. Hence this is a good option for you.

Burns and Scars

Women’s hair transplants can be used in cases of burns. In contrast this is dependant on the type of the skin damage and donor hair available. Consequently it is advised to seek professional advice on this option.

Alopecia Areata

Please note that it unlikely that any surgery can be completed on a patient with Alopecia Areata. Some say that if you haven’t suffered from the condition for 12 months then this is ok. Well in my view it’s not. If you would like to speak with us please feel free to give us a ring and we can askew any questions that you have.

Are you suitable for a Women’s hair transplant?

That’s easy. Arrange a free consultation with one of our Trichologists. We will firstly, diagnose the hair loss condition after which decide if surgery is suitable. We have seen thousands of women with hair loss over the years. Many have been suitable candidates for women’s hair surgery.
Please be mindful that most hair restoration surgeons are not trained Trichologists which means they are experts in the transplant surgery and not experts at diagnosing hair loss.

Correct advice

There are also many women’s hair surgery clinics run by untrained sales men or women. They of course would have a good knowledge of the surgical procedures but not at establishing a diagnosis and confirming suitability. I have seen many women who should never have had surgery. Who ever you choose to see just ask for the credentials of the person you are speaking to.

If you are considering women’s hair transplant then we hope that you will come and see us. It is a free consultation during which we will confirm your suitability.

Price – this of course will vary from patient to patient. However, a typical cost will be £3500-£5500. Registered with the Trichological Society

Eyebrow Transplants

Eyebrow transplants are simply the best way to get back those eyebrows that you lost. Maybe you over plucked them or maybe you had one too many threading procedures? Are you currently tattooing them on? Well we have the answer. Eyebrow Surgery can be conducted on any skin type including Afro Caribbean and Asian. Maybe you would like to find out more? Let us know and we will be pleased to help you.

Please visit the Afro Eyebrow Transplant or the Eyebrow Transplant page for more videos and information on this procedure.

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