wigsThe Holborn Clinic specialise in custom made wigs. Contact our advice line for further information. Arrange a free consultation at the clinic by completing the contact page.

Hair Type – contrary to belief there are only three types of human hair. Afroid, Mongaloid and Caucasoid. I often get asked for “European” hair or “Brazilian” hair. The hair may well have been purchased from Brazil and in fact obtained from a Brazilian, but the hair will be a variation of the above three hair types.

The wigs we supply are hand made and are created after obtaining exact measurements from the patient. Therefore our wigs or hair pieces will fit perfectly. We take a sample of the patients actual hair which will be matched as close as possible. We suggest at 99% match which to the naked eye would be unnoticeable.

We as a rule do not have off the shelf wigs available. We only make pieces to fit individuals as this is the only real way to offer the best fit and authentic look.

We only use 100% natural hair.

If you are looking for a custom made to measure wig that will last then please give us a ring.

Consultation – This is where we will establish your exact requirements. If you choose to purchase a wig we will take a mould of your scalp and a sample of your hair. This will then be sent off to be made.


Wigs – £450.00 – £950.00. This is dependant on the length and density of hair.

Hair cutting – £50.00 with blow dry. We have a number of expert stylists who will cut to your chosen style. The best way to show us what style you want is to bring an image. Maybe a previous image of yourself or one straight from the web.