Traction Alopecia

Traction Alopecia – hair loss resulting from forced epilation of the hair shaft often resulting in permanent hair loss. Tends to occur in females both adult and child of all ethnic backgrounds. Afro Carribean (afroid) women are more likely to be affected. This is due to various common hair styling techniques (cane rows etc) that often far too tight.

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Can traction loss be cured? – the answer is no. However, women’s hair surgery is definitely an option that is suitable will give you back your hair. Surgery sounds major. Well any form of surgery involves a certain degree of discomfort and recovery time. Todays methods of women’s hair surgery are much quicker, cheaper and the recovery time is minimal. If this is a consideration for you why don’t you arrange a free consultation and we can firstly make sure you are a suitable candidate. If so we can take you through the procedure.


Hair extensions in most cases will cause traction alopecia. Although the textile strength of a hair shaft and its follicle for its size very strong, the additional weight of hair extensions will in time cause the hair to be epilated and in time may well lead to a degree of permanent hair loss.

Other causes of traction alopecia include: tracks, styling rollers, pleats, long hair dressed and held in chignons and ponytails. All of these hair styles are associated with hairdressing procedures. Affected areas include the occipital hair line, auriculars and anterior margins. However, the whole scalp may be affected depending on the hair style used.

Cane Rows and Plaits – I have mentioned these as they are a cause of many forms of traction alopecia. They are often far too tight thus the hair will epilate in time.

Weaves – will in 99.9% of cases lead to hair loss. Much will fall under the umbrella of traction alopecia. They say the simplest way to remove a problem is to remove the cause. Well if you are wearing a weave Take it out!. Blunt I know but believe me you will thank me for this advice.

If you would like advice on traction alopecia or any hair loss or scalp condition please contact the advice line above. Or complete the contact page above and a trichologist will be in touch.

Traction Alopecia in children – a child should never suffer from traction alopecia . It is you as the adult that through hair styling is the most likely cause.

The simple tightness test – the best way to test to see if the hair style is too tight is to attempt to insert a finger between the hair and scalp. If this can be done easily then this should not be an issue.