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Asian Hair Transplant

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Asian Hair Transplant techniques are much the same as those of Caucasoid and Afroid. Both FUE and FUT are used in Asian Hair Transplant Surgery. There are many factors to consider when deciding on what type of hair surgery to have including whether you are a male or female, the type of hair (curly or straight), the density and severity of hair loss along with other reasons.

If you are thinking of having a hair transplant then we invite you to have a read. Also you are welcome to give us a ring and speak with an Asian Hair Transplant Specialist. This website has several pages on the various aspects of hair surgery including those on FUE and FUT. Please use the jump menu at the top of the page which will assist you in choosing the right page. Hopefully it will assist you and perhaps answer some of your questions. You an also arrange a free consultation with us at the Holborn Clinic.

We are often asked if Asian Hair is different from other types. Well the answer is yes, it is often thicker, straighter and will in most cases have a medulla which is the inner most core of the hair shaft that will give the hair its naturally dark colour. These factors rarely cause issues with an Asian Hair Transplant. In fact having strong thick hair is a good thing.

Free Consultation

Why not give us a call and have a chat with one of our team. Or perhaps you would like to pop in a visit us to discuss your ideas. Remember, every Asian Hair Transplant case is different. Everyone has different reasons why they want a hair transplant. This is the chance to take those years of your looks and give yourself that confidence back.

We hope that you will consider us when choosing your practice. Our family run business has been established since 1964 founded by Prof Barry Stevens who was a pioneer in single hair grafting. Our team consists of some of the best hair restoration surgeons in the country who have helped hundreds of patients, TTS Reg.

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FUE Hair Transplant

First of all, The FUE Asian Hair Transplant technique is considered by some to be the most up to date method. As a rule it costs more. Also it needs less time to heal. Saying that our costs are the same for both procedures. We price on the amount of grafts required. The FUE procedure takes individual hair grafts from the donor site. These grafts are placed in the recipient site. Most importantly, this is classed as a minor cosmetic surgery procedure. FUE may be conducted by General Practitioners and Surgeons. The whole procedure takes around 6- 8 hours depending on the size. Cost will be between £2500 – £5500. 


FUT Hair Transplant

Maybe you have heard of the FUT Asian Hair Transplant Procedure before? Well, this is a little different from the FUE. FUT takes a strip of skin from the donor site. Because this involves removing a section of skin a qualified Surgeon and not a GP is the only doctor permitted to do such a case. Another point is that and FUT will leave a linear scar on the donor site. Also the FUT will take longer to heal. Above all, both FUE and FUT will give you the same results. Similarly, the procedure takes a similar time to complete. Therefore, have a think about what you feel most comfortable with. We will of course let you know what we think is best for you.

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0207 404 0072

Call us on

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