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Asian Hair Loss

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Asian Hair Loss

First of all, Your hair type like that of Caucasoid and Afroid is likely to be affected by the many hair loss conditions. Furthermore you are just as likely to recover from most. Hence you are well advised to seek professional advice if you are suffering from as Asian Hair Loss Condition. Maybe you have seen your GP? Perhaps you have tried some of the treatments found on the internet? The fact that you are looking on this site would suggest that you are still having a problem?

The simplest way to deal with your issue is to speak to or consult in person with a trichologist. We are specialists on the field of Asian Hair Loss. Furthermore we know what works and what doesn’t. Please be assure we are not in the business of selling you potions and lotions to cause miracles, The Holborn Clinic has been established since 1964 by Professor Barry Stevens possibly the most well known Trichologist today. As his son I have spent most of my life studying and learning what works and what will waste your hopes and money.

These are some of the Asian Hair Loss issues that we see and deal with on a daily basis: Alopecia Areata, Traction Alopecia, Scarring Alopecia, Hair shaft Defects, Female Pattern Baldness, Male Pattern Baldness, Anagen Effluvium and many more. We also conduct hair restoration surgery at the Holborn Clinic. We are simply a centre for all aspects of Asian Hair Loss.

You can arrange a free telephone consultation right now if you want to. Alternatively, arrange a consultation at the clinic. Just give us a call or drop us a line. Look forward to hearing from you soon.

Registered with the Trichological Society

Free Phone Consultation

Why not give us a ring and speak with a registered Trichologist. Its free and you may just get the answers you need. If you have had blood tests it would be useful to have then with you when we speak. We can also organise Skype. However, in order to diagnose a condition we would need to see you in person. 

Consultation at the Holborn Clinic

You can arrange a consultation quite simply by either giving us a bell or send an email via the contact form below. We will examine you under microscopic equipment and give a diagnosis. We will of course advise you on the best course of action for you.

Asian Women

As an Asian women you are considered more likely to suffer overall hair thinning than that of other hair types. Asian hair loss can affect you for other reason such as traction alopecia because of hair styling and the use of religious covering. Alopecia Areata, Telogen Effluvium, Scarring Alopecias along with many other asian hair loss conditions. Furthermore there are many hair shaft defects that may affect you as well. If you are suffering from a hair loss condition then you should seek professional advice. Why not give us a call. Its a free phone consultation.

Asian Hair Loss in Men

As an Asian Man you are likely to suffer from male pattern baldness. There are of course many other conditions that may affect you as well such as the many temporary hair shedding conditions. We are specialists in dealing with Asian hair loss conditions in men. There is always a solution. Some suggest that a high fat diet increases DHT production and subsequently speeds up the male balding process. Another factor that should be considered is overweight men tend to have increased oestrogen levels hence there is an increased likelihood of hormonal issues leading to hair loss.

Interesting facts on Asian Hair Loss

Castration was an ancient method of punishment and also a requirement for those seeking imperial employment. It was also noted that those who were put through this process of castration, also retained hair.

Smoking tends to age the body in particular the skin. It is a fact that as we get older our hair growth cycle speeds up resulting in a natural hair thinning of varying severity. As smoking is known to increase the skins aging process it is likely that the hair growth cycle will also increase in speed prematurely resulting in hair thinning. Diagnosis is the key to knowing how to deal with it most effectively.

If you would like to speak with a trichologist please contact the helpline of your choice and we will be happy to advise you.

Asian hair loss in men in particular tend to have less body and beard hair.

Furthermore Asian hair is often used for wigs and hair pieces due its strength and resilience.

Asian hair loss (mongoloid) is considered the thickest and strongest of the hair types.

More About Asian Hair

The structure contains a central medulla (core) which helps to give this type of hair its very dark brown/black hair colour. The cuticle in most cases tends to be thicker. There are fewer hairs per square inch than that of Caucasoid hair types however the hair often appears thicker. 

Your hair follicles tend to be of an oval shape and positioned like that of other hair follicles at a 45 degree angle. 

It is suggested that Asian hair grows at a faster rate. This is debatable. Asian hair types tend to have a longer anagen phase (growth) up to nice years compared that that of the average of 5-7 years.

As an Asian you are likely to shed fewer hairs per day.  

Care should be given to the scalp as there is an increased likelihood of keloid scarring if the scalp is damaged.

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