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Beard Transplant

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Beard Transplant

A beard transplant or beard surgery is becoming very popular in today’s society. This is a simple process whereby hair is taken from a donor site (normally the back of the head) and replaced on to the beard. This will of course depend on a number of factors such as thickness and quality of the donor site. Also on your suitability. Furthermore age must be considered as some males will take longer to achieve their optimum beard coverage. Whether you are looking for that full beard look, or are just looking to customise you appearance, we can help.

Pricing – £3500-£5500

Suitability – first of all there are some situations where any form of beard transplant would not be possible. Due to a case of alopecia areata/barbae. Also limited donor site means beard surgery may not be possible. Albeit hair is taken from other hair bearing regions with some patients.

Free Consultation Face to face or via video link please give us a call on the number above. Most noteworthy, we will answer any questions or concerns that you have and of course give you a price.

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How is a beard transplant performed?

There are two methods of extracting hair from the body. The FUE (follicular unit extraction) and FUT (follicular unit transplantation) 


FUE also known as follicular unit extraction – We extract follicular units individually from the donor site and place them into the required location using a small incision. The extracted units are shaped to allow them to fit within the small incision. This will limit trauma to connective tissue and promotes blood supply. 


FUT – also known as follicular unit transplantation. We take a strip of hair bearing skin from the donor site. The Follicular units are then cut and shaped to allow them to be fitted into a small incision. This is still a common method for beard surgery. Like FUE relocating into a small incision would promote effective blood supply and limit trauma.

beard transplant, beard surgery

The image to the left shows the beard before the transplant. The image to the right shows after the procedure.

beard transplant, beard surgery
beard transplant, beard surgery

Beard Transplant Step by Step.

Warning – the videos on this site show graphic scenarios that may not be suitable for some readers. These videos are there to show you exactly what happens during the procedure. If you would like to find out more please give us a ring and we would be delighted to assist you. Don’t forget, our team are able to do both FUE and FUT beard surgery cases. We hope you find this page informative.

Meet Ricardo

Ricardo has been kind enough to allow us to use his pictures on the site to show how the procedure is performed. Have a look at the video lower down which is Rick speaking in his own words about how the procedure went. 

The pictures above are of Ricardo, a male aged 43. We used 1700 grafts to cover the left and right side of the face. You will see the before images to the left. The images to the right show post op pictures. You will see the redness and the swelling which would of course be quite normal. I am really looking forward to seeing the results over the coming months. Some of the videos below will show Ricardo at various points during the procedure.

First of all we will shave the donor area. This is a close shave which is a must in all cases of FUE. Furthermore this allows us to ensure the grafts are taken out as safely as possible. The next stage is to mark out the area which we will extract from. Of course we will clean the area through out the procedure to ensure we avoid infection. Have a look at the videos and see. Our resident Surgeon Dr Mani Mittal will explain to you how its done on the videos. 

Beard Surgery – The Injections

So, you may be asking the question does this procedure hurt? well the answer is once you have the anesthetic you can sit back and relax. Furthermore, both the donor and the recipient site will be totally pain free. Like most other clinics we use local anesthetic. So this means you will be fully awake and alert throughout the beard surgery.

We give multiple small injections in both the donor and recipient sites. Like any injection you may feel them. However, they don’t take long and soon you can sit back and relax and enjoy taking a relaxing few hours. Perhaps you would like to watch a movie or listen to some relaxing music. The choice is yours.

Watch the video and listen to Dr Mani Mittal explaining what he is doing and also, listen out for Ricks comment on how he is feeling.

Extracting the Grafts

Firstly, this role is conducted by a highly skilled practitioner.  So we use an FUE (follicular Unit Extraction) machine which encircles the follicular unit and releases its grip from the skin allowing us to take them from the skin as a complete unit ensuring no damage to the graft. You can see this process in both videos.

An FUE machine is used to release the grafts after which the surgeon will remove the grafts with forceps all of which are sterile and single use ensuring strick rules on cleanliness.  The grafts are then placed in sterile saline solution until shaped or ready to be placed.

Shaping the Grafts

So the grafts are extracted and placed in saline solution to ensure they remain moist. Our highly trained and experienced technical team will take each graft and cut and or shape to ensure a perfect fit in its new home. 


Firstly, we numb the area with Local anaesthetic. So you are fully awake and coherent. Perhaps a little like going to the dentist. You won’t be eating by mouth for a few hours. Therefore, we need to extract the grafts first and time it so you have something to eat before we anaesthetise the recipient site/sites. Once you have had some lunch we can get started on the incisions.

So the area is given a local anaesthetic. Again this is a process of multiply but small injections which will numb the area so you feel no pain. There are several options for creating beard incisions. We may use sapphire blades, precision cut blades or in fact needles of various sizes. All are sterile and create a similar size incision. However, some methods area easier to work on in certain types of skin. Dr Mani Mittal prefers the Sapphire blades.

Most noteworthy, creating incisions is not easy. In addition the angle of entry of each incision must be that of the existing hair. Furthermore, the density must remain the same as the existing hair.

Placing the grafts Beard Transplant

So, we have given the injections, extracted the grafts, shaped them, created the incisions and of course ensured you are given something to each for lunch. Now its time to finally place the grafts in their new homes.

Time for the technical team to spring to life and show off their speed and intricate skill and dexterity. To place the grafts each one in turn is lifted with forceps and using micro lenses they are placed gently into their new home. My team makes this part of the beard transplant look so easy. Believe me you need years of training to be good at planting.

Most noteworthy, this process may take some time. This is where a lot of patients may catch 40 winks. Relax and let us change your life for the better. 

The Patients Experience.

So, we are finally finished after perhaps 6-8 hours. Ricardo has kindly given us a few words on how he thought the procedure went. Have a look and see for yourself. Ricardo I must say was an absolute gentleman throughout and was a pleasure to work with.

Finally time to go home and start the recovery process. Time to relax. Most noteworthy, this isn’t the last we will see of you. In fact, we encourage you to return as aften as you like. I might add that most patients after a week or so are quite happy to get back to normality. You see, its the first week or so that is the important part. The grafts need time to form and allow the stem cells to great the new hair follicles that we have created. Most noteworthy this is the period of time that you need to take care and avoid contact with the grafts and of course keep them clean. Dr Mani will give you post Op medication to fight any possible infections and to promote recovery.

I hope that you have found the videos informative and that you now have a good idea on what to expect on the day. Finally please feel free to give us a call if you are interested in a hair, beard or eyebrow transplant.

Many thanks  Eddie Stevens (Clinical Manager and owner)

FInally from all of my team at the Holborn Clinic, thank you Ricardo for allowing us to use your pictures and sharing your experience. We are all very much looking forward to the results. 


When ever considering any form of beard surgery you should take time to research and decide if it is what you really want. You should also take what you read on the web as a starting point but don’t be drawn in my flash and expensive sites. Arrange to visit the clinic and see where you feel most comfortable. Ask to speak with a qualified medical professional when arranging a consultation. You need to know you are getting medical advice and not that of a sales persons.

At the Holborn Clinic we pride ourselves on giving an excellent service from the moment you walk in. Care is taken to establish suitability for beard surgery and ensure we can offer what you desire. Furthermore to limit the cost for a first class service with excellent results. You will be seen primarily by a trichologist to confirm you suitability. After which we will arrange for you to meet and speak with the surgeon who will be conducting the beard transplant.

Thank you for taking the time to read our site and we hope that you will consider us when choosing.

Please make sure that whoever you choose that they are registered with the Care Quality Commission CQC 

beard transplant
beard transplant
beard transplant
beard transplant

Questions that we have been asked


I am 20 and want a full beard so would you be able to help me?


First of all this very much depends on whether you have achieved your maximum coverage. Go and visit a beard transplant clinic and speak to someone. Make sure you visit at least 3 clinics. I hope that you will visit us.


I have had a scar on my face which stop hair growing. Probably not gonna happen but I would like to cover this up. Is that possible?


This certainly might be possible. Also this will depend on the size and the reasoning behind the scarring. Furthermore, perhaps you would like to send me some pictures? Drop me a line and we can see if this is possible for you.


Does the beard grow straight away? Almost all of my friends beard transplant fell out?


First of all, some cases the beard surgery will result in growth from the start. Likewise in most cases the hair will fall which is quite the normal thing. The hair then grows in time. Taking in some cases up to 12 months to grow hence your friends beard transplant shedding seems normal.


Due to a recent illness and skin complaint I lost a lot of my beard hair. It seems like there is no hope for me. While I am a realistic guy I would like to see if it is possible?


First of all I would need to know the reason why you have lost hair. It might grow back in time. Likewise the skin may be affected by Alopecia Areata which in most cases would prevent you from having any form of hair surgery. You are probably best advised to see a trichologist who will be able to tell you if you are suitable. You can of course come and see us.


As a result of a previous beard transplant I’ve noticed that one side grows differently that the other. Furthermore I don’t like the angle the hairs are growing from the skin. 


Go back to where you had the beard surgery and speak to the surgeon. Im sure they will assist you. Also how long ago was the beard surgery undertaken? Finally if you don’t get a good response and if you feel appropriate you can speak with the CQC who can offer advice on how to make an official complaint. 

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