Anorexia & Hair Loss

First of all Anorexia Nervosa is a chronic eating disorder affecting adolescent females mainly. Obsessing with self image and weight control are common symptoms. Extreme dieting to the point of emaciation is not uncommon. Sufferers of anorexia tend to be underweight for their age and height. Amenorrhea (the absence of 3 or more successive menstrual periods) may occur. Telogen Effluvium (excessive hair loss) will often accompany anorexia. Furthermore anorexia patients often lie and hide the fact that they don’t eat properly.

Self-esteem is enhanced by weight loss, but reduced significantly following any weight gain. The later being perceived as failure of self control.

Causes of anorexia

Stress is known to be a main factor.  Criticism from others in particular young females regarding looking thin and model like. Bullying surprisingly enough often is a concern when.  Likewise Social pressures because of the want to be like movie stars and stigma attached to being anything other than a size 8 or smaller.

anorexia hair loss


A Chronic condition that gets worse as time progresses. Furthermore the disease may result in you being admitted to hospital. Most noteworthy this disease can lead to the death of the patient, caused by malnutrition over a period of time and loss of vital salts (potassium and sodium) from fluids within the body and tissue. In all cases of anorexia you must attend a health care clinic to get help. Finally a trichologist may be in a position to help you with hair loss. Above all you must go straight to your GP and get help. If you are a parent or friend then don’t waste time.

Hair Loss

If you are suffering hair loss or any other condition affecting the scalp or hair then contact the Holborn Clinic free of charge. We invite you to speak with a trichologist in person right now. Most importantly, you must seek professional advice from a GP if you are suffering from Anorexia in the first instance.

Please be mindful, the hair shedding is a side effect of the malnutrition where the body enters into a protective state hence you are advised to think about your diet and start eating  properly.  Although we are able to offer treatment for hair loss, it must be understood that the anorexia needs to be controlled primarily in order to achieve regrowth.

If you or a loved one is believed to be suffering from any form of eating disorder do not wait. See your GP as a matter of urgency. This potentially is a life threatening condition. Please remember, most sufferers will deny the fact that they are suffering from such a condition.

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Common Question?


Ive noticed my daughter has been eating less and doing loads of exercise recently. She has lost loads of weight but still think she is fat. I recon she is a size 10. What do you think?


First of all I would be to say that your daughter is growing up and wants to look good. In contrast the weight loss is a concern. Therefore, watch your daughters eating habits and if you are in any doubt take her to your GP. Also speak with her and say you are worried because this may show relax your fears.


My daughter has been missing meals. Furthermore I have read her emails and she is on a crash diet to lose weight. She is 14. Also she has a boyfriend which I didn’t know about. I don’t mind that but Im scared she has anorexia.


Dieting at 14 in my view is too young unless your daughter is very over weight. Speak to your daughter because it may be that she wants to lose a bit of weight and seeing a dietitian would show her how to loose weight safely. Tell her that she should still eat. It seems like this could be an innocent situation but monitor your daughter and if you are in any doubt speak to your GP.


I am loosing my hair. It seems like it’s all over my head. Another thing is that I feel tired all the time. I am on a diet and don’t feel hungry so I don’t eat much.


First of all you must eat properly. This may be the reason why you are feeling tired as you are not taking in the correct nutrition. Get some blood test and most importantly start eating better.