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Find A Cure For Your Children’s Scalp Conditions In London

Itchy scalps in children are rather common. They may come home from school itching or have a certain spot which seems to get the main bulk of itchiness. In any case, you will want to find out what it is and ensure they feel comfortable.

The Holborn Clinic is a leading destination of parents looking to find a solution for a wide range of children’s scalp conditions. As highly trained trichologists, we can offer the support that your child needs to defeat any scalp condition they may have.

How we cope with common children’s scalp conditions

The main scalp and itching complaints in children will centre around head lice and dandruff. It’s almost a given that your child will be affected by both of these at some point, but they can become a source of discomfort for days on end.

Thorough cleaning of the scalp with anti-dandruff shampoo will help remove and deter dandruff while head lice treatments can be administered for the safe removal of the lice.

What to do with more serious scalp conditions in children

On top of the common complaints, our team at The Holborn Clinic have the skills and experience to deal with a number of scalp conditions and complaints, such as: chicken pox, measle, traction alopecia, scalp eczema, Seborrhoeic Dermatitis and ringworm.

We can offer the ideal solutions for your child, no matter their current scalp issues.

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Call us on

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