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Find a cure for your childrens scalp conditions in London. Itchy scalps in children is a common problem. Establishing what your child is suffering from quickly is the key. Maybe you have visited your GP? This is always a good idea. So, you have visited your GP and the problem is still there. A trichologist in many cases can find a cure for your chilidrens scalp condition.

The Holborn Childrens Scalp conditions Clinic

The Holborn Clinic is a leading destination for parents looking to find a solution for a wide range of children’s scalp conditions. As highly trained trichologists, we can offer the support that your child needs to defeat most scalp condition they may have. So, why don’t you give us a call. Its free and we may be able to help you over the phone. 

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How we cope with common children scalp conditions

The main scalp and itching complaints in children will centre around head lice and dandruff. However, this is just the start of a long list of potential ailments that affect your child. Some are easy to deal with. Some need more attention and treatment to control the itchy scalp condition in your child. It’s almost a given that your child will be affected by both of these at some point, but they can become a source of discomfort for days on end.

Cleansing of the scalp.

Cleaning the scalp properly, with an anti-dandruff shampoo may help remove and deter dandruff.  Maybe you have tried this? Well, if you have and its still a problem then you really should seek professional advice from a Trichologist.

Head lice 

Furthermore, head lice treatments can be administered for the safe removal of the lice. Maybe your child can’t get rid of head lice? Maybe a consultation with a Trichologist is the next step. We can advise and show you the correct way to remove head lice and to keep them away. Believe me there are many reasons why head lice remain a problem. So if you are having problems with head lice give us a call and we can help you. 

What can you do for the more difficult scalp conditions in children

On top of the common complaints, our team at The Holborn Clinic have the skills and experience to deal with a number of scalp conditions and complaints, such as: traction alopecia, scalp eczema, Seborrhoeic Dermatitis, psoriasis, contact reaction, alopecia areata, telogen effluvium,  and ringworm.

Find a cure for  your childrens scalp condition in London.  We can offer the ideal solutions for your child, no matter their current scalp issues.

To book an appointment with our team at The Holborn Clinic, get in contact with us today. Registered with the Trichological Society FTTS

Maybe you will see some similarity in the images here. The afro scalp condition to the left is a common self induced condition. Furthermore, it can be easily dealt with using the correct methods. 

The image to the right displays a common condition that affects people of all ages. Furthermore, this can be controlled with the right treatment and advice. 

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Call us on

0207 404 0072