Scalp Conditions

First of all, Dandruff in most cases is a simple Itchy scalp condition. Furthermore you may find that a simple bottle of medicated shampoo can help. However, you might be struggling to deal with an itchy scalp condition? Don’t forget there are many scalp conditions that cause dandruff. So where do you go from here? Well you have a few choices. You can buy a bottle of shampoo and see if that helps? Go and see your GP? or you can of course come a see someone like me. Before you consider your options I would ask you read this page. Also think carefully about what symptoms you have. Furthermore, think about this, Do you know if you have dandruff or something else?

Further more, Dandruff will allude to Pityriasis Simplex Capitis (syn. pityriasis sicca) a non-inflammatory scalp condition which presents as exfoliation of the Stratum Corneum (outer layer of epidermal cells) due to the presence of Pityrosporon Ovale (syn P. Mallasez). Also common to either gender and shows no affiliation to race or skin colour. Human skin manufactures and sheds cells continually in vast numbers. Clothing assists in this shedding. Scalp hair contains these exfoliated cells which may articulate to form scales. Pruritis (Irritation) may occur in some cases.


OK so basic dandruff is pretty much just some mild flaking of the skin. Also not forgetting the mild irritation. As severity increases we must consider that this may well be one of the many scalp diseases. Another factor is that some skin ailments cause hair loss which can be permanent. Symptoms include, erythema or redness, pruritus or itching of varying levels. Pain, bleeding, think sticky skin crusting and severe dryness. Don’t forget these are the physical symptoms. Almost all patients will suffer a sense of perhaps shame or concern because of the unsightly loose skin in the hair. Also on the shoulders. You may find sleeping a problem because of the pain and constant itching? Furthermore, this may affect your mood and ability to function.


Diseases (Dis-Ease)

Maybe you just have Dandruff?. Or maybe you may actually be suffering from one of many skin diseases. Most noteworthy, many of them start off with symptoms like that of dandruff. Here are a few. Scalp Eczema, Scalp Psoriasis, Pityriasis, Contact, Allergic or Irritant Reaction, Lupus, Lichen Planus Planopiliaris, Scarring Alopecias etc.


What is a Trichologist

Maybe you have heard of a trichologist before? Maybe Not? Either way a trichologist is the right person to see when it comes to hair loss and skin complaints like Dandruff. A trichologist will be able to assess your scalp. Also give a diagnosis and offer the right course of action. A word of warning. There are some that call themselves trichologists when they have no actual qualifications. Therefore you need to know who you are seeing. The Holborn Clinic team are all medically trained. We have doctors and trichologists who work in the clinic. We are registered with the Trichological Society and the Care Quality Commission. You ca meet the team if you wish by clicking here!


Maybe you would like to speak with an expert on the phone? Maybe you would like to arrange a visit and get a diagnosis? Either way we are here to help you. Just give us a bell and we will do the rest. Alternatively, drop us a line by filling in the contact sheet below. Hope to hear from you soon.

Frequently asked questions


First of all I must say your website has a lot of information. Ok, so I am an Afro Caribbean women of 28 hence I would first ask do you deal with black skin?. Also the problem is I have had dandruff for most of my life. Maybe you can help?


Firstly, we deal with all types of skin. Almost all afro Caribbean skin has an inherent dry scalp. Hence why I say that I would need to see you to confirm a diagnosis. After which I can show you how to deal with this issue.


Rather than waste your time and mine, can you remove the dandruff that I’ve got?


First of all, at this stage I cannot confirm that it is in fact dandruff. Also, removing dandruff completely is not always possible. Saying that it can always be controlled.