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Homeopathy – Hair Loss & Scalp Disease

As a Registered Homeopath and Trichologist (hair loss and scalp specialist), I have a unique knowledge of hair loss and scalp disease and their causes. Furthermore I have been in the field of hair science for over 30 years. Therefore I would consider myself an expert when choosing the right remedies. 

What is Homeopathy?

This is question for many. First of all Homeopathy as actually been around before Penicillin. The founder of Homeopathy was Dr Samual Hahnemann )1755 1843). A doctor who believed that blood letting which was a common medical treatment was barbaric. Furthermore he suggested testing drugs on healthy humans to establish the actual effects. So Hahnemann went on to self experiment on an antimalarial drug call quinine. Albeit small amounts he noted that the symptoms were similar to that of the illness if was supposed to cure. So he found a dose of quinine in a healthy person caused a fever. Therefore Hahnemann established the theory and principal of homeopathy. This being “like cures like” or the law of similars.

So what makes a Homeopathic Remedy?

First fo all, Homeopathy is perfectly safe. The worse thing that can happen if you taken a remedy that is incorrect is nothing. So there is no concern to the patient. The key is to find the right remedy which I might add isn’t easy because there are so many. There are thousands and believe me every person is different. There are some remedies such as Arnica that is well known. A soothing remedy that assists with bruises and wounds. Maybe you have heard of Arnica? The fact is that in truth a good poison makes a good homeopathic remedy.


So, have you heard of Belladonna? Maybe you know this as the Deadly Nightshade? Most noteworthy this is one of the most well know remedies. If you were to take Belladonna in its neat form it may kill you. So please don’t try. But if you were to take a very low dose it would give symptoms such as a fever, a red tongue, sore throat all of which are symptoms of Tonsillitis. Let me tell you that I used to get tonsillitis at least twice a year. I was introduced to homeopathy by a friend who suggested I take a homeopathic remedy but he never told me until afterwards what it was. With 24 hours I lost all the symptoms and for the last 15 years I have not suffered since. So does it actually work? As you can see it does.

Treating hair loss or scalp diseases along with other diseases is no different from above if done correctly. I have seen many patients some of whom have visited homeopaths or trichologists previously without success. When discussing their case it appears that the cause of the hair loss has been incorrectly assumed hence in some cases the wrong remedy has been prescribed. The key to success is choosing the correct remedy


I must stress that homeopathy is looking at the totality of symptoms which refers to obtaining a complete picture of the patient and not just concerntrating on one aspect. For instance, treating a symptom like stress when in fact the hair loss is due to a hormonal issue or a low serum ferritin level would probably lead to the wrong remedy. 

So what this actually means is that we as homeopaths at consultation take note of the patients symptoms. I don’t mean establishing you have for instance Alopecia Areata and immediately give you a pre packaged remedy. No, We cover literally every part of the body. We need to know everything. Every strange feeling, your sleep patterns, your dreams, your personality and a whole lot more

The Consultation costs £95.00. Follow up consultations will cost £55.00 (half hour). Treatment may be required at weekly or fortnightly intervals.

In cases of hair loss we would like you the patient to collect all the hairs that you may loose whether they be wet or dry and put them in bags (individual bags). This is to allow the consultant to view the hair shafts and roots which assist with diagnosis. We would also ask that you refrain from washing your hair for a period of no less that 48 hours. It is important to see the scalp in its worst state again to aid diagnosis. Please be aware that skin disease can be a contributary factor in cases of hair loss.

Can homeopathy be effective in treating cases of hair loss?

I have a unique method of treating such cases which differs from that of every other trichologist & homeopathy alike. I have an approach that encompasses both avenues which have proved effective when treating hair loss and scalp diseases. 

What would this treatment cost?

Firstly, we would need to see you for consultation. This means attending the London Clinic and allowing an hour of your time for an indepth chat about you. This would involve speaking about your passed, medical history, family & lifestyle etc. It is of the upmost importance that we establish a clear picture of the type of person you are in order to obtain the most appropriate remedy. Initial Consultation (£95.00) takes an hour. Follow ups are £45.00.

What does this treatment entail?

Treatment may consist of medication, in the form of tablets, creams etc, and or physical treatments such as stimulation techniques involving laser or high frequency therapy.

Is Homeopathy Hair Loss safe?

Homeopathy is considered safe. Some remedies may cause an aggravation (a symptom present as a result of taking the remedy) which may affect people in different ways.

What to do next?

Finally, if you would like to speak with a trichologist or homeopath prior to booking a consultation please contact the Holborn Clinic on 0207 404 0072. Alternatively, complete the contact page with your question or consultation request.

Trained and registered with the British Institute of Homeopathy

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Call us on

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