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FAQ Eyebrow Transplant

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The FAQ eyebrow transplant page will hopefully give you some answers to the more common questions asked by patients. Also, it I will give you the hard facts about the procedure and perhaps dispel some common myths. We are able to perform eyebrow transplants on all skin types including Afro. 

Located in Central London we specialise in Eyebrow Transplants positioned close to the famous Harley Street. We are here if you have any questions or would like to find out more. Maybe you would like a free consultation.  Care Quality Commission (CQC) and Trichological Society (TTS) Registered.

FAQ Afro Eyebrow Transplants

So if I have an afro eyebrow surgery will there be scars left for people to see?

Good question. Whenever the skin is invaded in such a way there will always be scar tissue remaining. Most noteworthy, to the naked eye you will have to look really closely and know what you are looking for to actually see any signs of scarring. eyebrow transplants and afro eyebrow transplants are virtually undetectable.

I’ve been told that the injections an hurt?

Yes in some cases patients feel the injections more than others. However, they are over quickly and once they are complete you should be free of pain throughout the eyebrow transplant.

How long does the procedure take?

5-7 hours is the normal time scale for eyebrow transplants.

Where is the Donor hair taken from?

The Donor hair is taken from the back of the head. This is the hair that will promote the best chance of growth.

Can I use hair from the body?

First of all yes this is possible. However, body hair has a shorter life span and there is a reduced chance of the hairs actually taking. The best option is always taking from the back of the head.

How Do I add a question to the FAQ eyebrow transplant page?

Just drop us a line and we will add the question with an answer of course.

So the hairs are curly on the head, will they become straight when they get planted into the eyebrows?

Ok, so when the hairs are taken from the donor site they are curly. Furthermore, when they are placed in the recipient area they will remain curly. Therefore, when the hairs are planted they will come out of the eyebrows just as curly as head hair. So you will have to learn to train your new afro eyebrows.

How quick can I go back to work?

first of all this will very much depend on what you do for a living. For instance if you work in a physical role when you may need to take more time. We would advise refraining form work for at last a week. However if you able to get to work without using the underground (dust and dirt)

FAQ eyebrow transplant
 FAQ eyebrow transplant
FAQ eyebrow transplant

FAQ Continued:

Can you tell me which is the best type of procedure for me please. I have afro hair and want my eyebrows done?

Firstly knowing that most afro hair transplant cases have extremely curly hair would dictate that you are only suitable for an FUT or strip graft eyebrow transplant. The FUE is only really appropriate when dealing with a straight or wavy hair.

I visited a clinic and they said I have the shave the back of the head completely. Its an FUE case?

In eyebrow transplant cases we only need to shave a small area so we can extract the hairs using the punch. So you don;t have to shave the complete back of the head.

So I want an FUT eyebrow transplant as I have Afro hair. Do you need to shave the back of the head?

No, we just shave the strip and remove it.

Do you shave the eyebrows first before implanting?

No we don;t need to shave the eyebrows.

How soon can I go back to work?

Firstly, this depends on what you do for a living and what type of procedure you are having. Also it is imperative that you keep the grafts that have been implanted safe and void of any form of physical stress for 7 days. This may be increased to 10 days depending on the patient. There is no reason why you can’t go back to work after a few days. Most noteworthy, in eyebrow transplant cases the procedure will be visible for 1-2 weeks. Your skin tone does make a difference. Afro skin will look less red much quicker. Most patients will take a week off work then return.

Will the procedure be visible to others?

Well, yes as we are implanting hairs that you didn’t have before. I might add that those hairs will in most cases fall within the first month returning your eyebrows back to where they were pre surgery. This is quite normal giving time for the new hairs to grow over the following months.

Do the hairs grow straight away?

In most eyebrow transplant cases the hairs will fall over the first few weeks or within 1 month. After this its a case of waiting for the hairs to grow. It is possible for the hairs to grow from the start.

How do i want the eyebrows?

So, after the procedure we will give you a program on how to look after the brows and how to clean them.

Will you give me any medicine after the eyebrow transplant?

Yes we give you medication prescribed by the surgeon to suit your needs and to ensure infection is avoided and recovery is prompt and effective.

Can I exercise afterwards?

You must refrain from exercising for a couple of weeks minimum.

Can i sunbath?

No you must protect your skin from the sun for at least 2 weeks. This may increase depending on your skin type.

Finally, if you have any FAQ eyebrow transplant questions that you would like to ask us please drop us a line via email or call us. Also i hope that this has given you an in sight into some of the common questions.

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