Hair Loss

hair lossHair Loss specialists – Our team of hair loss specialists have helped thousands of patients since 1964 (our senior Trichologist Professor Barry Stevens started our clinics). We are considered leading experts in this field of hair loss science.

Hair loss may affect all ages in many different ways and varying severity. Many conditions will recover in time. However, there are many that will require treatment. Hair Loss itself is not a disease. It is a side effect of a disease within the body. Disease should be looked at more closely. Most say the word disease and associate this with a collection of all sorts of conditions. But it simply means that the body’s ease had been affected.

So, when discussing hair loss we much look at the bigger picture and look at the reasons why one would potentially suffer hair loss.

Causes – stress, illness, high fever, chemicals, traction, self manipulation, endocrine malfunction, PCOS, hair colouring, malnutrition, lack of vitamins, poisoning and many more. Basically, anything that affects thee body may affect the hair. Remember, we can live quite happily with no hair at all. Although many would potentially disagree with that statement, the physical fact is true. Mentally, this is another issue.

How can we help? – firstly, I would suggest if you are suffering from a hair shedding then you are probably looking for the answers on the web. We have produced a large number of papers on the various hair loss conditions listed (page list to the right or below). This is a very difficult subject to self diagnose and it should not be attempted. Booking a consultation with a professional trichologist should be the next step. A qualified trichologist (Trichological Society Registered) will be best placed to tell you why your hair is shedding and how to deal with it.

It is not as simple as coming in and getting the latest treatment. Hair loss is a science and complete investigation is needed to establish a diagnosis. There are many occasions when there are multiply contributory factors to consider. There are many trichologists who will sell you their latest treatment without even considering that actual reason why the hair is shedding. Don’t be surprised if the treatment doesn’t work!!

Consultation – Diagnosis – this involves a comprehensive examination potentially using microscopic equipment is required. An in depth discussion about your medical history. Potentially, referring you to other specialists such as an endocrinologist of gynaecologist. Working with your GP may be necessary.

Hair Loss Treatment – if we are able to offer treatment for your hair loss condition we will advise you at consultation. We have a variety of up to date treatments available.