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FUT Hair Transplant

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FUT Hair Transplant

Suitable for all skin types and the preferred option for afro hair. FUT Hair Transplant is also known as strip grafting. We take a strip of skin containing the hairs from the donor site. We then take the hairs from the extracted skin and cut the grafts into shape. After which the hairs are placed in the recipient site.
Most noteworthy, an FUT Hair Transplants can only be conducted by a qualified surgeon. Where as a qualified Doctor may practice the FUE procedure. I have designed this page to show you step by step what happens during the FUT procedure. Also, if you have any questions please give us a call.

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You will perhaps notice the varying skin types in the images shown on this page. We are happy to offer FUT for all skin types including Afro. Please feel free to go on to the Afro Hair Transplant page or Afro Eyebrow Transplant pages for more in depth look. 

The FUT Hair Transplant Journey

Free Consultation (Covid-19)

The first step is a consultation. In this troubled times with Covid-19, we are able to conduct face to face consultations, however where possible we will do this using face time or Skype.  Before any procedure takes place we need to know that you are a suitable candidate. Also, we need to know that FUT is the right procedure for you. So, if you would like to have a chat then give us a ring or email (above) us.

During the consultation, we will run through the process step by step and of course tell you the cost. Most note worthy, the cost differs from patient too patient.

FUT £3000 – £6000

Cutting the Strip

Before any procedure takes place the surgeon will endure that you are ok to proceed by conducting a final consultation and medical examination. Once the surgeon is happy then we can proceed.
There are a few considerations before we can take the strip. Firstly, the pliability of the skin, secondly, the density of the donor site and thirdly how many hairs do we need to complete the job.  Also every patient has different requirements. Ok, so once ready, the surgeon will mark out and shave the area required.

Local Anaesthetic

First of all, the patient is positioned in a relaxed and comfortable bed. I will be straight with you and say that some patients feel the injections more than others. However, they are administered with the upmost professionalism and skill by Dr Luciano Sciacca, our highly trained, experienced and skilled surgeon. The anaesthetic is local which means you are fully awake and aware of everything that goes on around you. Most noteworthy you won’t feel any pain. 

FUT Hair Transplant Strip Removal

Dr Luciano Sciacca, using single use sterile surgical instruments, will remove the strip. As mentioned previously, only a qualified surgeon may use this technique. It takes years of training to master this method. The video shows the strip being removed. This is a time for the patient to relax and also watch a movie or listen to some music. 

Cutting and shaping the Grafts

The technical team present on the day are there to assist the surgeon as the videos above will show. In addition, the techs cut the grafts using microscopes.  Firstly, the techs slither the main strip into smaller pieces. After which the grafts will be taken and shaped ready for planting. The grafts are left in a sterile solution until the incisions are made by Dr Sciacca.

Cutting and shaping the grafts takes years of practice. You need a steady hand and skill to shape correctly. My lead theatre manager Miss Claire Stevens ensures that her team of techs produce perfects grafts for planting.

Depending of the size of the procedure, there may be up to 5 technicians present. Furthermore, each has been chosen for their expertise specific to this procedure.

Incision time

First of all, the incisions are made by the surgeon using a razor sharp 0.8, 0.9, 1.0 or 1.1mm micro blade. The incisions are the invaginations or holes that are created on the recipient area. The surgeon carefully places the incisions and counts the exact amount required to complete the procedure.

Most noteworthy, this is not just a simple case of creating holes in the skin. The depth, width and angle are all aspects that vary from patient too patient. Also. The location on the scalp will alter the size and angle of entry. The video shows incisions being placed by Dr Sciacca.

The depth of entry would be around 0.6mm which. So the incisions will enter through the epidermis into the dermis. This breaks the skin so there will be some blood. This is quite normal as perhaps you would expect.


Ok, so the incisions have been created and counted. Now it’s time to plant the grafts. One question I will ask, “what does a graft actually mean to you?”. Most think this means 1 hair? In fact, a graft on average refers to 2.5 hairs in each graft. So when a company says we can take 4000 grafts that equates to over 9000 hairs.

Ok, this is where the technicians shine. Using magnifying glasses (loops) the grafts are planted. Using single use sterile instruments the grafts are placed strategically to ensure a natural look. The surgeon will discuss the locations of the grafts with he techs. Grafts maybe 1s 2s 3s 4s and maybe even 5s. The 1s referring to single hairs will be placed on the most visible point. So on the hair line the single hairs will be placed on the front line with the 2s and more placed behind to ensure density and that natural look.

The strip

The above image shows what the strip looks like once it’s been stitched. It will take around 5 weeks to heal completely. The strip is instantly covered by the hair surrounding the wound.

For those of you who like to see more here is the image of the strip taken out before the grafts are cut. Notice how non of the hair follicles are damaged in any way. This is the mark of a fantastic surgeon. This is why I only allow Dr Sciacca to conduct my PUT procedures.

Afro Hair Transplant strip

The image to the left shows an afro patient who has had the FUT hair transplant and it presents the resulting scar. Over time this should heal further. As you can see it is a linear scar. The image to the right shows the cross section strip of an afro case. Perhaps you would compare this to the caucasoid image above.

After FUT Hair Transplant

Finally the FUT Hair Transplant is over. The skin will be joined using dissolvable stitches which means there is no need to come back to have them removed. The stitches will dissolve within a few weeks allowing the skin to close and seal.

Before you leave the clinic the Doctor will ensure you are ready to leave and go through the aftercare. This will involved a particular cleaning regime that will promote the quickest and safest way to allow healing. Also to avoid any issue with the grafts. We hope that you will take around a week off work and relax. You can go back to work if you need to but only if you are sitting in a relaxed environment. No heavy lifting.

Ok so once we have gone through the aftercare it will be time to go home. No travelling on the tube please also no driving home. It’s always a good idea to have someone to pick you up. The tube is full of dust and dirt, hence going on the tube is a no no. It’s nice to sit in a comfortable car and be driven home after an FUT Hair Transplant. 

Finally, the FUT Hair Transplant is a minor cosmetic procedure. There is no sedation. A local anaesthetic is used which means you are awake throughout. Some patients feel tired and a little drained after the procedure. 



I will apologise now as for the first week I will be on constant contact with you unless you tell me otherwise. I want to know that you are ok and that you are following the routine to to the letter. Once the first week is out the way and you have removed the scabs that form then we can all relax. Its the first week that is considered the time when the grafts are potentially in danger. Once this time has passed the grafts are deemed safe.

Most noteworthy you are invited to come back to the clinic after a week and I will remove the scabs for you. This may be done at home but some patients prefer we do this. Its always a good thing for us to have a look at the grafts to make sure everything is going to plan. You don’t have to though. Pictures in some cases are sufficient.

After this, you can start getting back to a normal life again. Now its time to wait and watch the new hairs growing. A point to note though, the hairs are unlikely to grow from the start. Most of the time they will shed which is quite normal and take up to 18 months to grow.

My door is always open and there is no further cost with after care.

Call us on

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Call us on

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