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FUE Hair Transplant

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FUE Hair Transplant

Hair, Beard and Eyebrow Transplants

Firstly, the FUE hair transplant or follicular unit extraction is the removing of single follicular units (grafts) which contain 1,2,3,4 and even 5 hairs. The hairs that are removed are placed in the recipient site. Have a read of this page as it will take you through the complete procedure with videos and images alike. FUE hair transplant is a simple minor cosmetic procedure. Furthermore, the success rate is in the high 90%s. The recovery time is short and there is virtually no scaring. My father Dr Barry Stevens is recognised as a pioneer of single hair grafting being established since 1964. Registered with the  Trichological Society TTS
Prices range from £3000-£6000

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Free Consultation

So the first thing to do is to arrange a free consultation. It would normally take around 30 minutes. The most important aspect of the consultation is to establish your suitability. Not everyone can have a FUE hair transplant. Furthermore, your medical status is discussed. Even though this is a minor cosmetic surgery, certain medical conditions may also prevent a procedure taking place. 

It might be an idea to have draw on a line that you feel you would like to achieve. Take a few pictures and bring them with you. Its is often helpful to get a loved one or friend to help. I’ll be discussing different options and will draw some examples on you as well. Also, we can give you a price. Please note we don’t price per graft. We price for the whole journey. Finally, I hope that you will consider us when choosing the clinic to help you. Thank you.

Creating the hair line

On the day of the operation you will be asked to complete a medical questionnaire along with a consent form. You would have already completed a full medical questionnaire after the initial consultation. This one is to ensure there are no changes in your medical status. You will also have a consultation with the Doctor prior to any procedure taking place.

First of all we will shave the donor site. This needs to be completely shaved to allow the grafts to be removed avoiding damage. After this we need to mark out the Recipient area. In this case we have created a  new hair line for this 30 year old male.

Fue Hair Transplant Local Anaesthetic

So, we are now ready to begin. We firstly must give the anaesthetic to ensure you feel no pain throughout the procedure. There are multiply injections, however once the first few are complete in general you don’t feel anything. The Surgeon in charge may choose to give you a pre med to relax you.

Most patients tell me that they do feel the injections. I have been told by some that they feel like a scratch. Others feel them more. But please be assured they are over quick and any discomfort is momentary.

The anaesthetic is local which means that you are fully awake throughout the procedure. A little like having a tooth out. I will say that many of our patients will actually fall asleep at some point during the procedure.

Dr Theo extracting the grafts

Ok so now comes the extraction. This is where the doctor will punch into the skin around the follicle units and remove the grafts. You will see the videos above which show this in more detail. This process could take a few hours depending on the amount of grafts required and other potential issues such as rate of bleeding.

Most noteworthy this is where patients sometimes fall asleep. You will be facing down in a comfortable position. Also as previously mentioned there is no pain. If you want to you can bring your earphones in or you can of course have a chat with the team. 

Dr Theo creating the incisions

This may well be a time where we break for lunch. There are numerous cafes and restaurants close to our location so this is where I will take your lunch order. It’s important that you eat something during the procedure.

Once lunch is over the Surgeon create the incisions. These are where the grafts taken from the donor area will be placed.

The incisions are made using a shape blade or a needle. Prior to this the technical staff would have counted the grafts to ensure the Surgeon knows how many incisions to make exactly.

FUE Hair Transplant implanting

The next stage of the procedure is for the technician to implant the grafts. Highly skilled staff will taken individual grafts and plant them into the incisions created by the surgeon. Careful placement is imperative to ensure a natural look.

Most noteworthy the grafts contain different numbers of hairs. There may be 1s 2s 3s 4s and somethings 5s an 6s. Therefore the placement is important. So placing 1s on the hair line will ensure a natural look with the density placed further back.

A point of note, we do not charge per graft. We charge for the complete job. Its easier to do it that way for the patient as there are no increased charges. You know exactly what you will be paying without exception.

End of the Hair Transplant

OK, so the procedure is finally over. The resulting picture shows what the scalp will look like once complete. Have a look closely at the grafts. Where possible the surgeon will create incisions in between old hairs. This is only possible in certain cases. Im sure you will see the presence of skin where the grafts have been placed. This is quite normal as there is a need for skin around the hair follicles to ensure a nice secure fit when placing the grafts. 

Time wise each case is different. As a rule a procedure will then between 6-8 hours. 

End of the Hair Transplant Donor site

So this is what the donor site looks like after the procedure. Don’t worry, it aways looks like this. Also within a week or so this will all be covered up and there will be no signs of anything taking place at all. 

Finally, a bandage will be attached to the donor site after being cleaned. The recipient site is left as is. Now it’s time to run through the after care with you. Furthermore this is where you need to look after yourself and take it easy for a few days. We say a week is a good time to promote the best healing. Once the first week is out the way the grafts are safe. 

fue Hair Transplant
fue Hair Transplant

Before and After 

The above case is a 29 year old male who had 2400 grafts covering the frontal hair line. The first two images show the before pictures showing the area required to cover. The 3rd and 4th show the results, which I feel need no explanation.

“Such a great experience with the Holborn Hair Clinic. From my first consultation all the way through to the aftercare which was absolutely top notch. I would highly recommend them to anyone.”


The above image is that of a 26 year old male suffering from Male pattern. You will see the 2nd image which shows the extent of the work undertaken. There results are clear to see.

FUE hair transplant on the temples. approx 1300 grafts. The images to the right are approx. 10 days post surgery.

Looking forward to seeing the results in the coming months.

23 year old male hair line FUE. This patient waited patiently until he was 23 years old. Furthermore he was able to use medication which appears to have stopped the remaining hair from shedding. 

fue hair transplant

Thank you to the whole team. From start to finish an amazing service. The hair looks great now. So pleased. Thanks again all.


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