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If you wish to make a complaint you have a few options 

  1. Contact the Clinic either by phone or by Email. You can complete the form above or at the bottom of the page.
  2. You can write to the clinic.
  3. Contact the Care Quality Commission CQC (this would relate to hair surgical Procedures only) and speak to them with confidence.
  4. Or contact the Trichological Society (TTS) with references to all other matters.

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Please fill in the short form above and we will be in touch. If you would prefer to be email please let us know. Thank you.

We are a team of clinicians who are open and honest and believe that everyone should be treated fairly and Honestly in all cases and because its the right thing to do.

If you would like to make a complaint then this can be done by using one of the above methods. We would like to think that the first step would be to contact us direct because we would like to be able to deal with the matter in the first instance. However, you are of course welcome to speak with the two governing bodies and pass on your complaint to them.

The Care quality Commission can be reached here :

The Trichological Society can be reached here :