First of all the following information outlines the descriptive term grooved hair. Also you should note this is not to aid self diagnosis. Furthermore you must seek professional advice in cases of hair shaft defects. This is because microscopic examination is required to confirm diagnosis.  Once we know what we are dealing with we can give you the right advice. Of course treatment if appropriate.

Grooved hair actually causes a visible groove along part of all of its length. Furthermore the  hair structure in most cases would be strong enough with an adequate cuticle. Normal hair may contain grooves. However there are several hair shaft defects that also contain grooves. Most noteworthy this may weaken the structure of the hair shaft. Such conditions as trichothiodystrophy, Trichokinesis, wooly hair, uncombable hair and ectodermal dysplasias.

Grooved Hair Treatment

There is no specific treatment for grooved hair. Looking after the hair correctly and avoiding processing, harsh manipulation (harsh brushing, tight styling techniques) and avoiding unnecessary weight additions such as hair extensions.

Grooved hair does not present obvious symptoms to the patient. Diagnosis should be sought from a trichologist who would be able to observe the hair shaft under a microscope to enable correct diagnosis of this hair shaft formation.

If you would like advice on grooved hair or any other hair shaft defect, hair loss condition or scalp condition please contact the advice line above. You can speak with a trichologist who will advice you. Alternatively complete the contact page.

We hope that you have found this paper informative and that if seeking professional advice or treatment for a hair loss or scalp condition, you will consider visiting one of our clinics.

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