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The Options Open For Female Pattern Baldness

Alopecia is often wrongly associated with only complete baldness. However, it comes in a number of forms. One of these is female pattern baldness which is also known as ‘Androgen related alopecia’ – and it is one which is often incorrectly diagnosed.

By visiting The Holborn Clinic you can get a thorough diagnosis, analysis and consultation for your female pattern baldness.

This will outline which solution will be best in the long run while helping to understand whether the baldness is due to a hereditary condition or down to other factors.

What are the options open to those with female pattern baldness?

Our clinic was established in 1964 and has since become an important service for individuals looking for solutions to their hair loss and thinning concerns.

If you are diagnosed with female pattern baldness, our team can support you towards a treatment that makes you feel confident about your hair and condition.

  • Non-surgical hair replacement: Ideally suited to the more permanent types of baldness, we can offer non-surgical hair replacement tailored to your style and colour of hair. This provides temporary respite for your female pattern baldness.
  • Micropigmentation: A simple and popular method for covering up the female pattern baldness is micropigmentation. It’s a great way to create and replace follicle marks on the skin.
  • Anti-androgen therapy: In some cases, anti-androgen therapy can be a great way to find a solution and this is something we can offer you a solution for.

To find out more about female pattern baldness with us at The Holborn Clinic, speak with us today.

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