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Asian Scalp

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Asian Scalp

Firstly being an Asian Male or Female you are just as likely to suffer from Itchy Scalp conditions. Problems that affect caucasoid and Afroid hair types. Furthermore, you might need to be treated in a particular way. Most noteworthy we understand that you may be some cultural requirements. Respecting race and diversity is an important factor when dealing with those from different religious backgrounds. Hence we have structured our practice to suit all ethnic backgrounds as best we can.

You skin is no different to that of caucasoid and afraid. Your skin tone is dependant on the activity of your melanocytes. Therefore, skin diseases are treated in similar ways. Those conditions include Scalp Eczema, Scalp Psoriasis, Lupus, Pityriasis, Dandruff, lichen Planus Planopilaris, Scarring Alopecia, Atopic Dermatitis, Itchy Scalp, Dry Scalp, Allergic Irritant Reactions and many more.

Asian Scalp Female Cultural Issues

We see many Asian female patients at the Holborn clinic. Some due to religious beliefs prefer to see a female practitioner. This is most cases can be arranged. However, in the event on the day that you would like to attend if there is no female trichologist, we will always have a female nurse who will sit in at consultation. With regret we are unable to conduct a consultation without seeing the scalp. However, if required, facial covering may still be worn. Furthermore an examination may be conducted visually with no need to make physical contact.


If treatment is required we will endeavour to respect your wishes of privacy and will happily assist in any way we can in order to make sure you visit is as comfortable as possible. You may have been diagnosed with an Asian Scalp condition and you want to find out some information on that scalp ailment. There are numerous pages attached to the jump menu at the top of each page. If you cant find the condition you are seeking then give us a call. We are always happy to help.

Thank you for reading our site. We hope that this has assisted you. If you would like to arrange a consultation please ring the advice line or complete the contact page above.

Speak to a Trichologist

If you are suffering from an asian scalp condition then why not give us a call. Speaking to a Trichologist who is an expert in Asian Scalp conditions is the first step. Write down any questions you have and feel free to ask anything. At the Holborn Clinic we offer this service for free. It takes around 10 minutes. We may well be able to sort out your issue without the need to see you. Why not give us a try. You can email us your question if you would prefer. Either way we are here to help.


Booking a Consultation at the clinic could not be easier. Drop us a line either by Phone or on the contact sheet below and we will ring you back. You can speak with a trichologist first. You may have a simple question we can answer for you? Maybe you have seen your GP and need to clarify something? We like to speak with you first because it will give us a clear idea of what you are suffering. Furthermore we can judge if your condition is something that we can help with. 

Asian Scalp

Asian Scalp Men

I have found in my many years of practice that Asian men have a want to retain their hair and scalp as much as possible. I believed that in some cases this is a sign of strength and loosing ones hair is a sign of potential weakness. Ive been asked many times is loosing hair a sign that you are loosing ones ability as a man? Let me tell you that all men will loose their hair at one point. Furthermore the loosing ones hair (male pattern) is a sign that you are producing good amounts of testosterone. Therefore, there is no evidence showing you are a lesser man than others.

All being said, I can understand that dealing with a flaky scalp or an itchy scalp can be a real problem. There are so many products on the market promising miracles and yet I ask you the question “if they were that good why are they not on the NHS”. Also, the key to dealing with an Asian Scalp condition is to have a correct diagnosis. You are then in a position to treat it.

Asian men suffer from Scalp conditions just like everyone else. We are specialists in dealing with such issues and are here to assist you.

As Trichologists we are Regulated by the Trichological Society



Because of my religious beliefs I would only wish for my wife to be treated by a female. Is that OK?


First of all yes that is fine. We have female practitioners working at the Holborn Clinic

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Call us on

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