Oils and Psoriasis

Essential Oils have been noted to have some therapeutic properties. Maybe they can help with Scalp Psoriasis? I do not suggest this is used a a primary care solution. Oils may be use to complement medical treatment from a trichologist. You must always dilute oils before applying to the skin. Read the bottle carefully. Aromatherapy may assist in relaxing the patient which can help long term.

Coconut oil (carrier)

This is not an essential oil. coconut oil holds a natural anti inflammatory property that may assist with cases of scalp psoriasis. Applying and leaving over night may assist in removing some of the scalp crusting. The moisture will help relieve making it more pliable. You should know that coconut oil shouldn’t remain on the skin all the time. Coconut oil as a rule shouldn’t cause issues with the skin but like anything you should test it first. You may be advised by us to use this treatment in company with what we do. Eating a tablespoon of coconut oil on a daily basis may help block bacteria from entering the body. It is the Lauric Acid that permits this potential reaction. You should not use coconut oil of there is pain or bleeding.

Tea Tree Oil (essential oil)

Known for its antibacterial properties you may use this if the skin in a Psoriasis Case starts to crack and bleed. The tea tree oil may assist in preventing infection. Please read the notes on the bottle to see if dilution is required. More importantly you can have a reaction to the use of such and oil. You should always test it first.

Castor Oil (carrier)

Often used as an emollient. You can also use it as a vehicle to transport essential oils. Research suggests that the use of castor oil may assist in reducing the scalp crusting and remove toxins. Maybe it will but it won’t solve the problem. Be warned that leaving oil on the skin for long period can have adverse effects. You shouldn’t use castor oil of pregnant or breast feeding. Often used by Afro Scalp Patients.

Lavender Oil (essential Oil)

Firstly, this is an essential oil and shouldn’t be applied to the skin in its neat form. Therefore you must take care if considering this as treatment for scalp psoriasis. It is suggested that mixing with a lotion or shampoo may offer some relief from itching. Lavender Oil is believed to have antibacterial and anti fungal properties. Pregnant or breastfeeding women and those with diabetes should avoid Lavender Oil.

Geranium Oil (essential oil)

First of all this oil  often will cause a skin reaction. Probably one of the more potent and potentially dangerous oils to try. I wouldn’t try this myself. Most noteworthy, geranium oil can improve circulation and it may reduce inflammation. Make sure you test it first. It can also stop your blood flow so don’t try this is you have any heart complaints or blood pressure issues. It has been suggested that you can add a few drops to coconut oil (the carrier) and apply to the skin. This should only be attempted if you have tested the skin. Seek professional advice beforehand.

Peppermint Oil (essential oil)

There are a lot of peppermint oils to choose from. over 600 different varieties in fact. Furthermore it is the menthol in the peppermint oil that helps relieve irritation and the pain. Like all solutions you are advised to test because you don’t want to make the scalp psoriasis worse! Peppermint oil is less likely to cause a reaction that that of geranium oil. Applying a few drops of peppermint oil to a water spray may offer some temporary relief from an itchy scalp.


Argon Oil (carrier)

Argon Oil is rich is Vitamin E which will hydrate the skin. Applying such may reduce inflammation and assist in protection the skin from harmful UV rays. Argon oil acts as an antiseptic and anti inflammatory agent. Apply to the skin each day can assist with scalp crusting and irritation. Follow my rule with all oils. Test them first!

Black Seed Oil (carrier)

Known as black cumin seed oil the Black Seed Oil may help with some skin disorders. It is antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory. Often use as a moisturiser. Like other oils care should be taken not to leave this on the skin for prolonged periods of time because this can actually dry the skin. Blood pressure can lower and blood clotting can slow hence if you are pregnant or diabetic or have any form of heart complaint then you should seek advice first. most noteworthy a contact reaction may occur.
Finally, when considering any form of treatment for Scalp Psoriasis please seek professional advice first. Feel free to give us a ring and we can advise you on what is the best option for you. The Holborn Clinic offers hair treatments for the many hair loss and scalp conditions known.