Afro Scalp Cleansing

afro scalp cleansingAfro Scalp Cleansing – Many of you will be seeking a method of managing your dry flaky scalp something which is very common. Afro skin is prone to dryness and often feels tight and itchy. We have a highly efficient method of scalp cleansing. Afro scalp cleansing is a simple process which is proven to be effective. Removing the unwanted flaky skin and irritation is the result.
Book a free consultation and find out how to stop the dry itchy scalp and learn how to manage your scalp correctly. What have you got to loose?
Skin Disease – there may well be an underlying condition that is affecting you causing the dryness. Why not give us a call and you can speak with a trichologist in person right now. Or arrange a free consultation. We can advise you on the situation and how best to deal with the scalp. Afro scalp cleansing is often the most appropriate method of dealing with an itchy scalp.

Home care products – we have a range of scalp care products that are available to purchase from the clinic.

afro scalp cleansingConsultation – Arrange a consultation and find out the condition of your scalp. If there an underlying skin affection that is causing the issue? We will tell you what the problem is and how to cleanse your skin effectively.

Oils – The use of oils and other such products are common amongst Afroid types. This will in effect make the condition worse in many cases drying out the scalp contrary to belief. Our method of afro scalp cleansing the scalp adds moisture and cleans the scalp. In fact it probably would never have been so clean. In addition the hair should feel softer.

In order for us to offer this service we would firstly need to see you in person. This is to confirm that there is not a more sinister ailment affecting you. Once this has been established we would invite you to sit back and relax. Allow us to cleanse your scalp. Making your scalp cleaner than it has ever been before.

Don’t forget, you can call us now and speak with a trichologist who may well be able to assist you over the phone. We have helped many people on the phone over the years and we will continue to do so. You may be advised that a consultation is advisable. However, without speaking to you I don’t know whether you have a minor issue what can be self addressed, or a more sinister ailment that requires professional help. I guess the question is do you want to sort the problem out?

I hope that you have found our site interesting and that if you are seeking advice that you will consider us as a healthcare professional.