Anorexia  & Hair Loss or Scalp Disease

Anorexia Nervosa is a chronic eating disorder that tends to affect adolescent females. The patient is usually obsessed with self image and weight control. Extreme dieting to the point of emaciation is not uncommon. Sufferers of anorexia tend to be underweight for their age and height. Amenorrhea (the absence of 3 or more successive menstrual periods) may occur. Telogen Effluvium (excessive hair loss) will often accompany anorexia.

Self-esteem is enhanced by weight losses, but reduced significantly following any weight gain. The later being perceived as failure of self control.

Causes of anorexia – Stress, Criticism from others, Bullying  and Social pressures.

anorexia thining – chronic condition that get worse with time. Hospital care may be required in severe cases. This disease may lead to death, caused by malnutrition over a period of time and loss of vital salts (potassium and sodium) from fluids within the body and tissue. Professional advice should be sought.

If you need advice on hair loss or any other condition affecting the scalp or hair please contact our helpline (top of page) and you can speak with one of our on call trichologists. You can also book an appointment.

Please be mindful, the hair shedding is a side effect of the malnutrition where the body enters into a protective state. Although we are able to offer treatment for hair loss, it must be understood that the anorexia needs to be controlled primarily in order to achieve regrowth.

If you or a loved one is believed to be suffering from any form of eating disorder do not wait. See your GP as a matter of urgency. This potentially is a life threatening condition. Please remember, most sufferers will deny the fact that they are suffering from such a condition.