homeopathy bottlesHomeopathy – As a qualified Homeopath and Trichologist, I have a unique knowledge of hair loss conditions and their causes. These factors are essensial establising the most appropriate Homeopathic course of treatment if appropriate.

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I have seen many patients some of whom have visited homeopaths or trichologists previously without success. When discussing their case it appears that the cause of the hairloss has been incorrectly assumed hence in some cases the wrong remedy has been prescribed. The key to success is choosing the correct remedy.

I must stress that homeopathy is looking at the totality of symptoms which refers to obtaining a complete picture of the patient and not just concerntrating on one aspect. For instance, treating a symptom like stress when in fact the hairloss is due to a hormonal issue or a low serum ferritin level would probably lead to the wrong remedy.

Can homeopathy be effective in treating cases of hair loss? I have a unique method of treating such cases which differs from that of every other trichologist & homeopathy alike. I have an approach that encompasses both avenues which have proved effective when treating hairloss and scalp disease.

What would this treatment cost? Firstly, we would need to see you for consultation. This means attending the London Clinic and allowing an hour of your time for an indepth chat about you. This would involve speaking about your passed, medical histor, family & lifestyle etc. It is of the upmost importance that we establish a clear picture of the type of person you are in order to obtain the most appropriate remedy.

The Consultation costs £95.00. Follow up consultations which should be at montnly interval will cost £45.00 (half hour).

Trichological treatment would be included on first visit (consultation fee of £95.00). Trichological treatment may be required at weekly or fornightly intervals. cost of follow up trichology treatments £32.50 – £42.50.

What does this treatment entail? Treatment may consist of medication, in the form of tablets, creams etc, and or physical treatments such as stimulation techniques involving laser or high frequency therapy.

How long does it take? Your consultation will take about an hour. Treatment on first visit is included and may take up to a further 30 minutes. Please note that if in insurance cases you should contact your broker and confirm that they will cover for such ailments and treatment.

Is Homeopathy safe? Homeopathy is considered safe. Some remedies may cause an aggravation (a symptom present as a result of taking the remedy) which may affect people in different ways.

What to do next? In cases of hairloss we would like you the patient to collect all the hairs that you may loose whether they be wet or dry and put them in bags (individual bags). This is to allow the consultant to view the hair shafts and roots which assist with diagnosis. We would also ask that you refrain from washing your hair for a period of no less that 48 hours. It is important to see the scalp in its worst state again to aid diagnosis. Please be aware that skin disease can be a contributary factor in cases of hairloss.

Finally, if you would like to speak with a trichologist or homeopath prior to booking a consultation please contact the Holborn Clinic on 0207 404 0072. Alternatively, complete the contact page with your question or consultation request.